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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Andi Trepanier’s New Song “Agoraphobic”

By: Staff –

Andi Trepanier

Rising singer-songwriter Andi Trepanier is back with her new song “Agoraphobic”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“The track is coy, cheekily teasing the audience with the reverse-implosion production and light hearted vocal tone that draws you into the drop,” says Trepanier. “Lyrically, it’s denial through juxtaposition. Agoraphobic is about trying to get close to someone who sees you and your greatest fears, and still cannot be vulnerable. I wanted in while the idea was young from the moment I heard Vixu’s track. I knew his art sounded distinct and completely unlike any other production I’d heard on the Toronto scene. Now I’m thrilled to see it go out into the soundscape as this fully realized, ecstatic and twitchy musical gem.” 

On the forefront of Toronto’s progressive pop scene, Trepanier is an indie solo artist whose songwriting champions the individual’s journey to acceptance and empowerment. Influenced by artists such as St. Vincent, Kimbra, and Hiatus Kaiyote, her eclectic tracks make diverse soundscapes and catchy choruses that hit with a wall of sound.

With evolving arrangements, backup singers, and multifaceted performance (including dance, installation art and visual projections) her high-energy nine-piece band brings her music to life with a compelling live experience. Trepanier is passionately involved in all aspects of her music, reinforcing her vision as the sole director in the production of her original music, music videos, and all associated visuals.


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