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6 Myths about Royalty-Free Music

By: Staff –

Whether you have heard some negative stereotypes about royalty-free (RF) music and want to read more about it or you are just looking for an interesting article, this blog post is just for you. With the rise of technology, more and more people are becoming self-producing filmmakers, video bloggers, etc. Such people need license-free music more than anybody else, and there are many people that simply don’t believe in RF music. Back in the day, finding such music was probably hard, but today, this is another rising trend, and below, you will learn 6 myths about RF music.

#1. Poor quality.

Like we already said, back in the day, that was most likely the case when you were dealing with royalty free music. The best thing you could get your hands on was the tiny MIDI tracks. Otherwise, you would need to hire a legit composer, and that would cost you quite a lot.

Well, MIDI was really back in the day. There are more and more platforms like Soundstripe that hire professional composers to ensure original and high-quality music production on a regular basis. Now that there is competition between real composers of different musical genres and using real instruments, the standard of quality has significantly improved.

#2. Terrible range of music.

If you were trying to find suitable music for your indie video project a decade ago, you probably came across a few jazz tracks, possibly some dance tracks, some weird Eastern European folk experiments, and that was the best you could get.

Luckily, those days are long gone. Of course, there are still some weird ethnic beats and folk tracks but you can easily find good ones as well something that can fit every short movie or YouTube video content. Nowadays, you can find just about every genre, tempo, and instrument combo you can imagine.

#3. Possible copyright problems

Most of the RF music platforms (as well as Soundstripe) offer membership plans. Some years ago, canceling such plans meant losing your license. Some platforms today may also keep this old-school policy, but we, at Soundstripe, do not. We strive to keep your licenses safe! Every time you hit the download button (using our platform), the track you choose is licensed perpetually. This means you can use the same song on different videos without worrying about anything. All you need to do is hit that download button twice and a different license will be generated.

#4. Lack of support when claims are made.

Platforms, such as YouTube, use an algorithm to identify copyrighted songs. Sometimes, this algorithm is not properly working, and you might get a claim. The difference between many royalty free music platforms and Soundstripe is that we have come up with a simple solution. Whenever you get a claim, from YouTube or any other place, simply respond with “Licensed through Soundstripe.” This usually takes care of the issue, but if not, our customer service will do anything to assist you and resolve the issue in a timely manner.

#5. The tracks will be used by tons of other people.

Yes, some of the tracks will be used by other people, but not as much as you might think. Soundstripe alone generates more than 200 new tracks every month, and we are not the only RF platform out there. Come to think of it, using a track from such platforms gives you more chances to be unique than all the movies that have used Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah or Katrina & The Waves’ Walking on Sunshine.

With the rise of RF music and all the competition, producing more and more new tracks every month is definitely what’s happening and you will have quite the diversity for sure.

#6. It’s not worth the money.

First of all, our subscription plans cost less than a single meal per month. If you pre-pay an early subscription you can even go for less than $15. And for that, you get 200+ new tracks.

Okay, we covered the quantity factor. But if 200 songs are worth less than $15, what does it say about quality? Well, platforms such as Soundstripe have thousands of subscribers, and you can rest assured that the composers we hire are fairly paid. We also make sure to pick only the best ones.

That being said, most of the myths listed above are no longer applicable, and Soundstripe definitely guarantees top quality tracks that are worth the money.


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