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Exclusive: Stream Run Coyote’s New Curated Spotify Playlist!

By: Staff 

In celebration of Run Coyote’s new album, In Shadowlands(out now via So Sorry Records), singer and principal songwriter Sam Allen curated an exclusive new playlist of songs that inspired the new album, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

  1. “Mushroom Cloud” – Sammy Salvo
  2. “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” – Sons of the Pioneers
  3. “Curtains” – Timber Timbre
  4. “Things We Said Today” – The Beatles
  5. “Oh, Pretty Woman” – Roy Orbison
  6. “Look At That Woman” – Lee Hazlewood
  7. “Ecstacy of Gold” – Ennio Morricone
  8. “Man with the Harmonica” – Ennio Morricone
  9. “Red Right Hand” – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  10. “Swordfishtrombone” – Tom Waits
  11. “Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands” – Bob Dylan

“Mushroom Cloud” – Sammy Salvo

This is one of my favourite songs and recordings. The idea for how the album could sound came together around this song. Our drummer, Jeremy, brought it to rehearsal one night and we all loved it. The story is bleak, the arrangement is dark and creates a very moody atmosphere – it feels like you’re watching a movie when you listen to this song and that’s exactly what we wanted to do. Most songs on this list feel like you’re watching a movie.

“(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” – Sons of the Pioneers

Sons of the Pioneers is one of my favourite bands, I love their sound – the perfect western group. This song has a dark and very fantastic story, brimming with imagery of horses burning through the sky. Visual narratives and western sounds are very important to this album.

“Curtains” – Timber Timbre

Hot Dreamsis one of my all time favourite albums. It’s the perfect record to drive to at night. I love the feel and mood of the songs, built off of the bass and drums with lots of space and interesting guitar sounds – combined with the stories and the choice of words, these songs are perfect for a San Francisco noir setting.

“Things We Said Today” – The Beatles

I’ve been really into the earlier Beatles records lately. Something that strikes me with A Hard Day’s Night is that the songs are largely made up of repeating verses and bridges, with few choruses. I tried this writing technique with the song “Shadowlands,” which came together quickly one night.

“Oh, Pretty Woman” – Roy Orbison

The riff of this song is perfect and so is the feel. I love how the bridge really opens up. I think everyone loves it.

“Look At That Woman” – Lee Hazlewood

Lee Hazlewood’s writing and arrangements are a big influence on Run Coyote. This is an earlier song of his and we cover it on In Shadowlands. The sound of his voice is amazing. We reworked this song to fit the femme fatale character of our new album. Sung from the male character’s point of view, ‘That Woman’ first appears desirable, but he decides she’s not worth it because she can’t laugh or love – she’s cold. But, following the narrative of the album, it’s not up to him. She’s not looking for love – she’s looking out for herself – and she’s looking for vengeance!

“Ecstacy of Gold” – Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone is my favourite composer. With spaghetti westerns, Italian filmmakers were trying to make films based in an American Old West that was heavily influenced by Spanish and Mexican culture. Morricone uses the electric guitar, along with voices, for melodies and sound effects to bring a Spanish flare and twang to his arrangements. He accomplishes such grandeur and this song is an excellent example of that.

“Man with a Harmonica” – Ennio Morricone

This song starts so sinister and spooky! The guitar part has an amazing sound that feels totally unexpected – it’s so nasty! – and I love the melody.

“Red Right Hand” – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

My way into Nick Cave, this song speaks to me in many ways – the band uses unique sounds to create a special atmosphere for the song and the bass and drums provide the perfect groove. I love the specificness of the lyric and the refrain about the red right hand.

“Swordfishtrombone” – Tom Waits

The perfect song to drive to at night through the city in the rain. This song is a whole world from the bass line to the marimba to Tom’s scream at the end. I love how his songs are so immersive, and how his choice of instrumentation and vocal delivery really play into his stories and the feel of the song. Tom Waits is my current favourite.

“Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands” – Bob Dylan

This song is a rambling trance just before sunset. I could listen to it all night.


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