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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Sixteen Scandals’ New Single “Middle C”

By: Staff –

Toronto-based indie band Sixteen Scandals are back with their new single “Middle C”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Middle C” is all about getting stuck in a job or relationship that makes you miserable, but feels too comfortable to leave,” says the band. “Most of us are so busy just trying to make rent, or staring at our phones all night to realize that our lives are caught in this cycle of suck. The drive to find purpose or some sort of meaning within our current socio-economic climate is a recurring theme in our music.” The band continues, “Our accompanying video for “Middle C” is a satire of Fight Club – a support group for bored people who get all spiced up and thumb wrestle. We got a bunch of our friends together to do exactly that. Isaac tore his shirt off. I don’t even think he cared if we caught it on video or not. Our friend Josh Bradford from Silverstein took pity on us and shot the whole thing. Solid lad.”

Sixteen Scandals is a loud, cheeky, and infectious three piece from Toronto, Canada. Their live performance can be summed up as “…a chaotic blast of catchy hooks that frequently spills off the stage, and tells a lot of dad jokes”. Since their debut in 2012, they have released 3 EP’s, a cassingle, and are set to release their second full-length August 30th.

The video perfectly encapsulates their tongue in cheek take on melodic-hardcore. Self-awareness and a lack of taking one too serious reign supreme, but with a thought-provoking message underneath the fun attitude. ‘Middle C’ is a hook-conscious, pop-punk indebted song, filled with impeccable drumming, solid riffs, and locked precision. The song is a great introduction into the world of Sixteen Scandals.


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