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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Innes Wilson’s New Single “A Whispered Goodnight”

By: Staff –

Rising singer-songwriter Innes Wilson is back with his new single “A Whispered Goodnight”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

This is a song about a summer night I was walking the city streets after I have said good bye, maybe for the last time to someone,” says Wilson. “The thoughts that traveled through my mind as I navigated my way under the street lights on my way home. The doubts that can come into those thoughts and fears that maybe I just never tried hard enough. When all I  really wanted is to cherish the moments that brought us joy, like that time we were sitting on a beach watching the sail boats race, bathing in the sun and laying in each others arms.”

Prolific yet reclusive, Wilson prepares to release another new album of his expressive and sophisticated songwriting, The Heart That Holds This Up (out Aug. 16th). Pop and grunge elements are woven throughout each of the progressive folk ballads as with his 2018 Seaview EP (featuring psych-rockers WHOOP-Szo) while still sounding like a bold new departure. This was artfully accomplished by Halifax producer Adam Warren (Glory Glory, Pretty Normal, The Drug Rugs), whose talents worked to highlight the depth and complexity in Innes Wilson’s music.

“A Whispered Goodnight” is a rhythmic indie-rock track with dynamic layers highlighting his descriptive lyrics. The song is a melodically complex hodgepodge, featuring phased-out guitar leads, propulsive drums, and stirring lead vocals. The track is always stimulating the senses with its forward-moving progressions and hollowed wall-of-sound arrangements, “A Whispered Goodnight” is a gripping placeholder while you wait for his next album.


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