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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Mark Martyre’s New Single “Wait”

By: Staff –

Canadian folk singer-songwriter Mark Martyre is back with his new single “Wait”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“I didn’t have this plan going into to, songs were written over a time and then selected and put together in a sequence that made sense,” says Martyre. “But the album opens with the song ‘Wait’ and with the line “The snow blows sideways…” It takes place on a cold winter day/night. And it comes full circle, with the last song, ‘Carried Through the Night’, and the line, “Winter came in fast…” and “when snow painted the sky…” So, it’s funny how it can all work out like that. I just hope listeners enjoy the music. And if it resonates on a deeper level, that’s great too.”

Martyre is a Canadian writer and musician. His prolific songwriting has produced six full-length studio albums since 2012: Down, Record (2012), London (2013), Red Letters (2014), Bluebird (2016), Rivers (2017), and Light Years (2019), as well as several live records, and bootlegs. His music has garnered critical acclaim and attention both nationally and internationally, and has earned him “Best Songwriter” and “Album of the Year” nominations. In 2019, Martyre also published a collection of his poems, and has also had several poems published in online journals and literary magazines. In 2018, Mark wrote and performed music for theatre, for the play “That Moment When.”


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