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Album Review: The Regrettes – “How Do You Love?”

By: Jessica Nakamoto –




From the climatic heartbreak of a Shakespearean tragedy to the fairytale ending of a Disney film, it’s clear that legendary love stories often thrive in the presence of extreme highs and lows. And while an idyllic Cinderella tale is often enough to prompt a carefree daydream, when it comes to the ups and downs of real-life relationships, the question may arise as to where and to whom one should turn.

Cue The Regrettes, a Los Angeles-based quartet armed and ready with a sophomore release just about dripping with the many intricacies of a modern-day romance. Thematically based on the twisting path of a complicated relationship arc, and drawing from frontwoman Lydia Night’s own personal experience, How Do You Love?, (out August 9th via Warner Records), is quick to demonstrate the many ways in which the unique feeling we call love, is just as complex as it is universal.

Covering a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from the first sign of nervous butterflies and the defiant struggle of a break-up gone wrong, to eventual closure and hope for something new, The Regrettes introduce fans to both a fresh multi-faceted perspective on relationships, as well as a noticeable deviation from their traditional sonic palette.

Taking a brighter and more lighthearted approach compared to the pop-punk and garage-rock elements which dominated their debut release, Night, along with guitarist Genessa Gariano, bassist Brooke Dickson, and drummer Drew Thomsen, bring their love story to life with airy lyrics and upbeat guitar melodies.

For whether it be pondering about one’s freckles (California Friends), or staring lovingly into another’s “blueberry eyes” (Pumpkin), The Regrettes seem to enjoy celebrating all the little tidbits that make relationships a beautiful thing.

That is, until you reach the latter half of their romance gone wrong. Leaving the clap-along rhythm and “la-la-la’s” in the beginning tracks, and returning to the pounding drum lines, punk-rock squeals, and characteristic brazen yet nonchalant attitude towards others’ opinions, the band wastes no time progressing through all the difficulties of a downward spiral of regret, questioning, and eventual frustrated anger with a partner that has let the other down for the last time.

Yet, according to Night and crew, not all is lost with the end of a relationship. Rather, with lines such as “I’m a grown ass woman” (Go Love You), and “you’re the only one you need to impress” (The Game), The Regrettes take a significant detour not often explored in many a classic fairytale; self-love and the realization of individual worth and standards.

“It’s about finding bravery through [love],” Night explains as she details the central idea of the record. “It’s about learning and accepting that, yes, you went through a shitty breakup, but that’s amazing—because all that means is next time you’re in a relationship, you know so much more about yourself and about what you want.”

So, if you’re like many a Regrettes fan and happen to find solace, comfort, or a renewed sense of butterflies tumbling around in your stomach after listening to even one of the band’s latest tracks, you know what they say…when the songs start to make sense, you know you’re in love.

And who knows, maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all.

Recommended Tracks: “The Game”, “Fog”, “Pumpkin”

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