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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Alex Bent + the Emptiness’ New Video for ” COOLIN'”

By: Staff –

Saskatoon artist Alex Bent + the Emptiness is back with an new video for “COOLIN'”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Coolin’ is a ‘fuck you’ song and that’s it,” says Bent.

“COOLIN'” is a hip-hop track blending a twist of nostalgia with the current trends of the genre, while also exemplifying Bent’s iconoclastic style. At first, the song seems rooted in hip-hop in hip-hop tradition, with modern production touches that you’d find on current rap release, but as you dig deeper there’s a drugged-out, almost lo-fi psych style lurking underneath. There’s also malice hidden somewhere behind the easy-going nature of the delivery, adding another layer to the already supercharged, sonic smorgasbord pallette. Bent sits outside of spotify muzak norms, a multi-faceted viewpoint where slacker, emo, and hip-hop head sit side by side.

Bent’s new album, Baby, is set for release on August 23rd and was mastered by Trevor Case of Case Mastering (Kelly Clarkson, Missy Elliot). The album features contributions from Brockhampton affiliates singer-songwriter Jack Larsen and producer Connor Barkhouse as well as Samurai Champs’ Merv xx Gotti and Jeah.


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