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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Li’l Andy’s New Single “Out on the Old Highway”

By: Staff –

Li’l Andy. (Photo: Nasuna Stuart Ulin)

Acclaimed star of the Canadian roots music scene, Lil Andy is back with his new single “Out on the Old Highway”, which you stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“A few summers ago, I had to drive from Renfrew County, Ontario to get to a show in Montreal,” said Andy. “Since I didn’t have air-conditioning, I decided to do the drive at night. All through that long drive, I kept my eyes peeled for deer, moose, or foxes that might dart into the road. Flashes of their green eyes would pop up in my headlights as they hid in the bushes along the shoulders of the old highways of Ontario and Quebec. Roads with names like “County Road 23” or “Route 303”. Highways no one goes on anymore now that newer, bigger highways have been built alongside them. My pedal-steel player Joe Grass (who plays with Patrick Watson as well) produced this record with me. We like to set up the whole band in a circle and play as close to one another as can be. I just remember I wanted this song to sound like headlights of a car moving through fog and mist. And the way Joe’s pedal-steel and Josh Zubot’s fiddle create those ghostly sounds does that for me.”

Set to release his fifth album on Sainte Cécile Records titled All The Love Songs Lied To Us, Andy explores romance and heartbreak, themes that are at the very core of country music. But as its title suggests, the album is also about the legacy pop songwriting has left—and about the very act of songwriting itself.


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