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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Suitcase Sam’s New Song “Growing Up”

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Suitcase Sam

Emerging singer-songwriter Suitcase Sam is back with his new song “Growing Up”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“It’s a much bigger sound than the last one, which was designed with the minimal in mind and made over a few hours with a couple of musicians,” Sam admits. “This one was made over many months and had a lot more musicians involved with it. It’s a much bigger production with more songs. It was bigger all around. The record builds on 20’s jazz and 30’s country, both of which are  big influences,” note Sam. “ There’s also a bit of The Band, some Willie Nelson-inspired outlaw country. Goodnight Riverdale Park is sort of the full technicolour version of Get It To Go.”

Even with the release of his new album Goodnight Riverdale Park, Suitcase Sam still has no fixed address.

Rumoured to be hailing from “the wilds of Canada,” Suitcase Sam has emerged from the sands of time to give us an album that’s quite an artistic leap forward from his recent Get It To Go.

Led by such soulful outlaw rockers as “Growing Up” and the honky-tonk anthem “Edge of Town,” the Suitcase Sam sonics of Goodnight Riverdale Park are expanded  – having been recorded by a rotating cast of revellers – and modernized accordingly.

Co-produced by Juno Award winning analog specialist Walter Sobczak (Sarah Harmer, Barenaked Ladies, Art of Time) at Toronto’s Revolution Recording studios, Goodnight Riverdale Park builds on the throwback sounds of Get It To Go and updates them…to a point.


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