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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Seanu’s New Single “BB Girl”

By: Staff –

Baltimore-raised, Seattle-based singer-songwriter & producer, Seanu, is back with his new single “BB Girl”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Seanu moved from his hometown of Baltimore at 17 to Colorado where he emerged as front man of the five-piece funk rock band ‘Realtalk’. Five years later, Seanu moved again, further westward, this time to Seattle to pursue a solo career. Seanu’s voyage across the country surfaces repeatedly as a theme in his music, including “BB Girl” which divulges little details of young love in a new city and getting wrapped up in all the small details. The smiles, the outfits, and most of all, the intimate details the slyly escape as you start sharing your world with someone. “BB Girl” live in those little moments with its fragile production quality and vocals delivered by Seanu.


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