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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Tiny Hueman’s New Song “Up the Coast”

By: Staff –

Tiny Hueman are back with their new song “Up the Coast”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Tiny Hueman is an alt rock project that started from the simple love of songwriting from the comfort of Philadelphia basements and developed through intimate house shows and the recording of two EPs at Headroom Studios, “Shallow” and “Drift”. At the beginning of the year Tiny Hueman headed to a quiet cabin in the woods, an ideal spot to fill with sound and focus on writing. Now they get to bring demos and ideas to loved The Barber Shop Studios where producer Gary Cioni will join the team. This ambitious group of artists are already on the journey to reach their full potential.

“Up the coast was written after our singer lost a family member to the opioid epidemic,” says the band. “Lyrically, it’s a reflection on the way this individual lived- either spiraling out of control or using religion as a crutch to try and pull themselves out of it, all while never getting to the root of the issue. We chose to go with an upbeat feel and tempo as a way of showing the nonstop party alot of addicts find themselves in, despite the very dangerous and real consequences just around the corner”.


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