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Exclusive Premiere: Watch KPH & the Canary Collective’s New Video for “Dam Dam”

By: Staff –

Emerging indie folk project KPH & the Canary Collective are back with a new video for their brand new single “Dam Dam”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Following front woman Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm’s battle with a rare illness, “Dam Dam” is the first single off of the upcoming LP “The Canary Collective.” The album as a whole is inspired by the lesson that sometimes the way to return the flow and balance to the body is not to force it into position but to listen to what it’s trying to tell its driver and look at the whole body as a series of systems, all connected. Kaeley realized that she was not alone and was in fact was a part of a growing group of people finding the mainstream healthcare system insufficient. And with our rivers shaped and dammed and diverged, leaving our orca populations sick and searching for the salmon that once flowed easily to the Sound, perhaps the way to restore balance on Earth is to allow the release, to break the dams, and to listen to the way things want to flow.


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