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Exclusive: Stream LeRiche’s New Curated Spotify Playlist!

By: Staff 

LeRiche. (Photo: Alissa Organ)

In celebration of Canadian singer-songwriter LeRiche’s new single, “Hair Elastic”, the folk-pop troubadour curated an exclusive new Spotify playlist that inspired his new music, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Giant Rooks – “New Estate”

I was exposed to this band during my first tour through Germany. So unique. This song really fires me up. It’s up-tempo, hopeful, and full of optimism. I just love the intro, and the verses take me to a happy place, they’re special.

Caamp – “Peach Fuzz”

I’d only vaguely heard of Caamp before falling in love with the tune. That pre-chorus hook, “Every color of your love I’ve seen enough I want another” feels so good! And his voice is so raspy and wise. The song feels young and blissful, like puppy love in the summertime.

John Mayer – “Carry Me Away”

Where to begin.. John Mayer has long been a huge influence on me. I have learned every word and tune since his first record. This song, as I understand, he wrote while on the road. He was overwhelmed by the love he was feeling on his first big tour that was not supporting a specific album. He was skeptical, then, overjoyed by the fan’s support. Him and the band recorded this inside a few days following the first leg of the tour. He’s still got it. Such a great vibe!

Common – “Show Me That You Love (ft. Jill Scott and Samora Pinderhughes)”

This song really messes me up. I can’t watch the video anymore. And recently I’ve had to stop listening to the song completely. It chokes me up because it hits very close to home. Common has such a passionate, wise, sincere voice that you just want to listen to it. This is the shortest seven minute song I’ve ever heard. It takes you away with itself. I find it to be incredibly moving.

Cold War Kids – “Waiting For Your Love”

I got into the Cold War Kids way back when “Robbers and Cowards” came out. I was obsessed with that record. This song did surprise me a little at first and I can’t wait to heard the rest of the new record, as this is it’s first single. They’re raw sound and music styles tied with great songs that have thick imagery always kept them in my playlist. And this song just grooves.

Crash Kings – “Mountain Man”

This band blew my mind when I first heard them, some eight years ago. I thought their first self-titled record was epic. It’s still very nostalgic to me, because it brings me back to my college years. This song is for sure my pump-up jam. He hits notes that make me smile every single time. What an incredible vocal range. This music has so much energy.

Alessia Cara – “Rooting For You”

Since I first heard her first single “Here”, I was very interested in this artist. A young Canadian female ripping up the pop scene? Yes please. Her voice is naturally beautiful, and her smokey timbre and lower range make her so unique in her genre. Watch out for her.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “A Dream Is All I Need To Get By”

This song is so damn good. The more I listen to it the better it gets. All parts work perfectly together, and I love the lyrics so much. I’ve been running on dreams my entire life.

Maggie Rodgers – “Burning”

I first heard this song on the radio in the car, parked my driveway. The beat and pulse captivated me. Her voice gave (gives) me chills, and the lyrics brought me to tears. An incredible artist more than worth checking out.

Khalid – “Talk”

This is definitely top four 2019 pop songs for me. Love the old school sounds and how easily it flows through the speaker. The subtle vocal choices are so good and the harmonies and seperate little runs really sum up a killer vocal-heavy mix. And I’ve always loved his lyrics which are more often so simple, and so true.

Joyia – “Flavours”

Get ready to float away on the slow and sultry voice of Canadian Artist Joyia. The music really has that ability to let you drift away and imagine you’re right where you need to be. This is space used appropriately in a recording and in a song. It’s beautiful. Lyrically, it really hits a few different notes. Being about a lover, possibly? I like to wonder if it’s about music itself, and referring to the craft, love, and art form of music as a physical person as many have done in the past. I particularly enjoy this metaphor when done with the right flavours

City and Colour – “Astronaut”

I have been a big fan of Mr. Green since the first Alexisonfire album. His first few solo acoustic breakaway records really helped me rightfully transition from a guitar player to a singer/songwriter and onwards. Pivotal. His smooth, easy-listening sound is unmistakable with a voice over the top like a red bow. This song is particularly awesome because the use of different effects really help you feel like a freaking astronaut. It’s so creative and adventurous without being weird. Tricky one, but he nailed it. In many ways, this song gives me hope.


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