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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Hanssøn’s New Video for “Switchblade”

By: Staff –

Emerging artist Hanssøn is back with a new video for her track “Switchblade”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

After setting the standards for herself and what she would keep or not keep in her life, Hanssøn clears out what is necessary of what is temporary.

“Switchblade” shares the story of a relationship turned sour, when she discovers that a foe has been pretending to be a friend all along. “I was in a relationship that turned out to be a bait and switch. What they were selling me wasn’t what they were offering, and I found myself in a really deceptive and hurtful situation that I didn’t know about. They were exposed for it publicly, but it was extremely humiliating to be linked to someone so incredibly messy”

The single pays homage to to Sia’s songwriting for “Straight For The Knife” – “Sia a huge influence, and I loved the context and the picture she painted, but I turned the theme on itself and wrote Switchblade for the person inside of me (and anyone else who could relate) that wanted some form of revenge.”

The extradimentionality of this song was given by Aramie Payton’s backing vocals “I had a friend of mine put some vocals on this track to give it another dimension and the presence of masculine energy.”

The video concept came from the idea of banding with your girls and taking revenge.

Created in close collaboration with genre-fluid producer David Sisko, ‘Colours of the Fall’ is the opus of Hanssøn’s perpetual rhythmic reinvention and her raw reclamation of confidence. ‘Colours of the Fall’, unmistakable future-forward melancholic pop melodies emphasize the stories being told, while Hanssøn’s intimate vocals are a thrilling and a guttural blend of emotions. In this post-summer project, Hanssøn shares the raw energy of falling into the depths of love, while unwillingly embarking on a slick and twisted THC-induced whiskey-fuelled journey of unexpected high-drama adventures.

The days get shorter, the nights get colder, the soul quenches for more. After spending weeks in the fog, lost in someone else’s essence, the plot thickens: Could this be more than a one night stand?

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