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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Kaeli’s New Song “Round 2”

By: Staff –

Emerging artist Kaeli is back with her new song “Round 2”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below

Kaeli’s new music features emotionally open songs and dark-synth-beat-driven dance numbers that explore a spectrum of human longings. It showcases her strength as a solo artist and how far she’s grown in her musical career. “Many of my songs explore the push-pull need that I have for deeper connection and personal freedom. I see the light and shadows that play in all of us, and facing that truth is important to me. My songs are usually cathartic, at least for me.” The Vancouver based artist has continuously been pushing forward the limits of alt-pop music in Canada and abroad. And with her unquestionable talent, and incredible showmanship – she has gained the attention of local music lovers and the music industry alike.


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