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Exclusive: Stream Mimika’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff 

In celebration of Canadian singer-songwriter Mimika’s newest single “Civil War”, the Brampton-born artist curated an exclusive new Spotify playlist that inspired her new music, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“When I heard that I was asked to curate a playlist for Aesthetic Magazine I immediately knew the theme I wanted to base it off of and that’s storytellers,” said Mimika. “Storytelling through music has always been the most important thing to me so I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my favourite writers/storytellers with you all.”

“Mah’s Joint” – Jon Bellion

I’m kicking this playlist off with Jon Bellion, my absolute favourite songwriter. “Mah’s Joint” is a beautifully worded and poetic exploration of the effects that come with slowly losing a loved one to something like Alzheimer’s. The eight-minute piece may seem daunting but the beautifully orchestrated instrumental section at the end will get you in the best mood for listening to the rest of this playlist. If you get anything out of this playlist let it be that Jon Bellion is a grotesquely talented writer and producer and it’s time to deep dive into that.

“Desire” – Jeremy Zucker

Next we hit Jeremy Zucker. “Desire” tells an honest story about a breakup, I love how Zucker’s lyrics are always witty and smart yet so simple at the same time. The song itself feels relaxing and reflective to listen to and provides a good contrast to Bellion.

“Must Have Been the Wind” – Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin is such an immersive storyteller that listening to this song is almost like watching a short film. He makes it so easy to put yourself into the middle of the world he’s creating. In this case he’s telling the story of a girl who’s being abused and exploring it from the outside as a concerned bystander who wants to show her that there are other options and people who will care about her.

“Dying in LA” – Panic! At the Disco

Brendon Urie has probably one of my favourite voices of all time. He has such a vast range and knows how to punctuate everything with just the right amount of emotion. “Dying in LA” is the story of another hopeful ‘someone’ as they transition from feeling like a star to feeling like they’re lost is a sea of nameless faces. The song is haunting yet inspiring at the same time and if you haven’t yet I definitely recommend taking a weekend, going on a long drive and swallowing as much Panic! as you can. (Also, if you really want your mind to be blown, take a listen to their live performance album and nod your head along with me.)

“Hell to the Stars” – Harry Hudson

Harry Hudson’s entire Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night album feels like one big narrative but “Hell to the Stars” has always stood out to me. Hudson tells the story of trial and tribulations and the journey he’s taken from one drastic point in his life to the place he is now. I won’t try to sum up the story of Harry Hudson in a few sentences because I don’t think that can do him justice but, I will tell you this guy has lived a lot of life in his 20 something years and has something to say.

“Claudia” – Finneas

The mastermind behind Billie Eilish, Finneas is another one of my all time favourite storytellers. This song was written the night he met his girlfriend. Just an honest, inspiring and romantic retelling of the beginnings of an epic love story. The two of them are adorable and this song is the epitome of a gooey love song that still has character and edge and I love every second of it.

“Who Am I?” – Bazzi

This song tells the story of Bazzi reaching fame, achieving his goals and then realizing its not enough. He lost himself along the way and now he’s trying to retrace and find himself again- hence the title of the album, Soul Searching. The instrumentation and vocal layering in this song will send you straight into your feels and make you super self reflective so set schedule your listening time accordingly.

“New House” – Rex Orange County

At this point in the playlist, I’m ready to start picking things up a little more. Bazzi set us up nicely for Rex Orange County and this nostalgia inducing song about navigating new found fame, love and relationships. ROC takes the perspective of imagining the life that they’re going to have in a year from now when everything is sorted out and makes promises to his loved one while still being honest about the situation he has put himself in by pursuing and achieving his dream.

“Hurt Again” – Julia Micheals

Julia is my favourite female writer at the moment, and she’s one of my biggest inspirations when sitting down to write my own music. The honesty she pours into her songs is not an easy feat to accomplish, especially when writing and knowing in the back of your head that the entire world is eventually going to hear the inner workings of your brain. “Hurt Again” sounds like a hopeful, danceable, pop song. It gets you moving, you can sing along well but, what I adore about this song is how witty and facetious it is. Julia is amazing at crafting her feelings into stories and uses just the right amount of setting and character to develop her story enough to make it so that the listener can swap her face with their own.

“Glad He’s Gone” – Tove Lo

This song always makes me think of my best friend and, I think that when you can put yourself in a song then the story telling has been successful. “Glad He’s Gone” is about Tove Lo comforting her best friend after a break up. Instead of giving her the typical post breakup speech Tove Lo instead tells her that she is so much happier now that he’s out of both of their lives. She tells her best friend that he never deserved her, that he wasted her time and Tove Lo’s and that she missed the way things used to be and is happy they can be that way again now. To me it just feels like Tove Lo sat in on a rant session between my best friend and I and then put it all to music and I love when a song makes me feel that way.

“Civil War” – Mimika

To end off our storyteller journey, I’m including my own song “Civil War” because I hope that one day I’m at the top of your ‘favourite writer/ storyteller’ list. “Civil War” was extremely cathartic to write and follows my journey over the last couple of years in regards to mental health. I know everyone deals with their own issues so I won’t lay out exactly what mine is and have the song always sound like that to you but instead, I’ll tell you why I chose to write it as if it’s a situation happening between two people. When you’re dealing with any type of mental health issue I believe there is you and then there is the enemy. The enemy is this ‘almost you’ person who lives in your head and is almost exactly like you except for the fact that they have a huge vendetta against you for whatever reason. Civil War lays out the types of conversations that you have with the enemy and the realization that comes with waking up and realizing that it’s not just you in control anymore.


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