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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Sariyah Idan’s New Video for “That Woman”

By: Staff –

Emerging singer-songwriter Sariyah Idan’s is back with a new video for her track “That Woman”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“This is a taste of the reality that lives in my mind with the song “That Woman”, says Idan. “It is the first in a series of short and full length music videos I’m developing to illustrate the feelings, experiences and environments of my album “Breaking Shadows”.  I call this a taster video, because it is just that, a small taste in visuals of the world of the music.” She continues, “This song addresses a woman’s experience of a complex situation between a man and a woman. At its core it’s a song about female solidarity. For this reason I wanted to work with an all female film team, which was wonderful. I brought the concept and basic choreography to the dancers and Mariel from For Love Productions. We fleshed it out together in a supportive and playful sisterly atmosphere. I believe there is something vital in women working together to articulate our creative visions.” 

Sariyah Idan is an American songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist whose soul and jazz influenced expressions have come to fruition in her first full-length album, Breaking Shadows . An accomplished artist and arts educator, whose experience began singing ensemble world folk music as a child, dancing professionally and studying poetry and jazz music, Sariyah possesses a profound sense of story alongside a keen understanding of music’s sensual strength and the emotional space a voice can occupy.


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