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Exclusive: Stream Lynne Hanson’s “Songs I Wish I Wrote” Spotify Playlist

By: Staff 

In celebration of Lynne Hanson’s new single “True Blue Moon”, the emerging singer-songwriter curated an exclusive new “Songs I Wish I Wrote” Spotify playlist.

From the jazz and bluegrass of her formative years to the iconic songwriters of her adulthood, music has been Lynne Hanson’s way of walking through the world and working through her emotions. Her upcoming album, Just Words, marks something of an artistic departure for Hanson. Contoured and textured, the result is a more muscular sound than on past efforts.

Hanson’s new single, “True Blue Moon”, is a fun poke at the hopelessness that we can sometimes feel when we fall head over heels. The song has also been paired with a lighthearted visual.

“As a songwriter one of the greatest compliments I can ever get is when another songwriter says “damn I wish I wrote that song.”  Here’s a list of some of the songs that made me say just that.”

Lucinda Williams – “Car Wheels On A Gravel Road”
Classic Americana. Lucinda Williams is why I play the kind of music that I do.

Gillian Welch – “Orphan Girl”
There’s a simplicity to this song that made me feel as though it’s around since the beginning of time when I first heard it. I’m lazy when it comes to learning covers but I added this one to my live repertoire about one second after I first heard it.

Buddy and Julie Miller – “Don’t Say Goodbye”
I love sad songs and I think this is one of the saddest I have ever heard.  The line “Cause a broken heart grown cold is the hardest burden you can find” STILL gives me goosebumps.

Patty Griffin – “Useless Desires”
I must have listened to this song 3,000 times. The imagery in this track had me closing my eyes and seeing the movie she was making. This song probably changed how I write songs more than any other in my list of influences.

Bruce Springsteen – “Nebraska”
I love murder ballads, and this is one of the most haunting I’ve ever heard.

Lady Antebellum – “I Need You Now”
I remember driving back from Nashville through the night to Ottawa and hearing this song come on the radio. I’d never heard it before but I remember thinking THAT is a number one hit.  I think it’s a song everyone can relate to at one point or another, and that’s the holy grail for any songwriter.

Dolly Parton – “I Will Always Love You”
No words. Just one of the best songs every written. Whitney Houston absolutely crushed it with her cover of this song, but I still think Dolly’s version is the best one out there.

Steve Earle – “Sometimes She Forgets”
I was in a Steve Earle cover band for about three months at one point and I had to learn this song. Another one of those tunes where the first time you hear it feels like it’s been in existence since the beginning of time

Mary Gauthier – “Mercy Now”
I am such a fan of Mary Gauthier and her songwriting. This was the first song I ever heard of hers, and I was immediately hooked. Just brilliant.

Ron Hynes – “30 for 60”
I heard this song for the first time sitting next to Ron in a workshop at Stanfest in Canso, Nova Scotia. It’s the only time I’ve ever had a song make me cry while I was sitting on a stage. One of the best songwriters Canada has ever produced.

Tom Waits – “Hold On”
Every single line in this song is worth quoting. So not only do I wish I wrote it, I’d settle for just having written one verse.


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