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Featurette Announce New Album “Dream Riot”

By: Staff –

Featurette. (Photo: Lindsey Blane)

Electro-pop duo Featurette are bringing honesty and grit into pop music with the release of their sophomore album Dream Riot on January 17th. Following a whirlwind year sharing stages with Alessia Cara, Scott Helman, and Walk Off The Earth, Featurette have emerged from the studio with a polished, dark pop sound that is uniquely their own on Dream Riot.

Teaming up with original producer Marc Koecher, who worked on the duo’s debut album Crave, and new producer Pillsbury, Featurette return with an elevated sound. With tracks mixed by Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, MONOWHALES), and some co-written by JUNO nominated Tyler Shaw, Dream Riot is the product of Featurette’s aspirations and visions, perfectly wrapped in a nine-song collection. The album invites you to meet Featurette in their purest form, to dive into their dreams, and enter the world they’ve created. With the release of Dream Riot,Featurette do not shy away from the power of their own voice.

“We’ve never been prouder of anything we’ve created,” says Lexie Jay. “This record speaks to who we are as people, it speaks to our drive and our passion, it speaks to our obsession, our musical tastes, our aspirations, all of it. It’s where we’re from, and where we’re going, and it’s unapologetically honest and true.”

Dream Riot features dark stories sugar coated in bubble gum beats that speak truths about the society we’ve created and the problems we face within it daily.

In addition to never before heard material, Dream Riot includes Featurette’s single “Million Things”, a commentary on the aesthetic and material obsessions of a society overrun by social media. “It dissects our social media driven world, where we put only our best self forward, no matter what emptiness we face on the inside,” says Lexie. The video for the single pulls viewers into a realm imagined by Featurette, with characters inspired by Lexie’s actual dreams.

Dream Riot Track List 

1. Won’t Love You
2. Million Things
3. The Blame
4. Burn It Down
5. Firefly
6. On My Own
7. White Rabbit
8. Don’t Know Me Without You
9. You Do You


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