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Exclusive: Stream Naya’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff 

In celebration of Toronto-based artist Naya’s new single “Higher”, the emerging singer-songwriter curated an exclusive new Spotify playlist.

Naya personifies the mashup of cultures and styles that make Toronto a hotbed for emerging artists. Born in Japan, the daughter of a Saskatchewan farm girl-turned-model and a Rwandan diplomat’s son-turned-DJ, Naya’s steeped in musical traditions that stretch around the globe. But her voice is an instrument that’s all her own.

Her new single “Higher” is a pop track that evokes the last hazy days of summer through a technicolor burst of bittersweet. Check it out here.

Delaney Jane – “Habits”

I love the creativity of this track. From the Alice in Wonderland metaphors in the lyrics to the whispered bridge, it’s all so outside of the box! Delaney Jane is an artist I look up to a lot! She’s an amazing pop writer and I love her tone. Plus, she’s also from Toronto, wooo represent!

Sigrid – “Don’t Kill My Vibe”

My producer James Shelly introduced me to Sigrid actually and she‘s become an influence for me ever since! Authenticity is really important to me as an artist and her music just seems so genuine. Her entire “Sucker Punch” album is so raw and it makes you feeeel! It’s incredible, she’s incredible, wow.

Shawn Mendes  – “Lost in Japan”

Another amazing pop track. It always makes me think of my parents crazy story of how they met and fell in love in Japan lol! This song has such a fun vibe and a soulful flavour that we’ve been drawing inspiration from for one of our new tracks to be released in 2020!

Maren Morris – “80s Mercedes”

This song is a straight bop and I don’t think it’s possible to hear it and not dance. I love country music and we wanted “Higher” to have a bit of a country flavour. Maren Morris is a huge influence for me! She crosses genres fearlessly and I love that about her!

Dua Lipa – “Electricity”⚡️

Dua Lipa’s voice is so captivating and has a unique rasp to it that I absolutely adore! Definitely a feel-good tune with a summery feel that we wanted to capture in “Higher” also.

Jojo feat. Alessia Cara – I Can Only”

When my friend suggested we do a cover of “I Can Only” last year I instantly fell in love with the song. I mean it’s Jojo and Alessia Cara! Could you ask for a better collab? Talk about Girl Power! I’ve been a Jojo fan literally since the age of four and an Alessia Cara fan all throughout high school. The message is empowering and their voices are so powerful and textured.

Troye Sivan  – “My My My!”

So much love for this track! The imagery in the lyrics always brings back sweet summer memories, which is something that we definitely wanted to do with “Higher” as well!


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