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Exclusive: Stream Angélique’s New “Late Night Thoughts” Spotify Playlist

By: Staff 

Born and raised in a small town just east of Toronto, Angélique has always been one to challenge the norm and exceed expectations. Now, in her early 20s, Angélique has embarked on a solo singing career releasing her debut single in 2018, and also releasing her latest single “Heaven&safety” in November 2019. To celebrate the release of her new single, Angélique curated a new Spotify playlist featuring a collection of calm, lyric-forward songs to fuel your late night thoughts.

1: “L.A.” – Brent Faiyez

This song is my ultimate ‘pick me up’. Brent goes deep into the life of a musician, outlining the all the highs and lows. I love this song because anyone can relate. If you have something your chasing, you know how defeating it can be at times. But you have to keep going. I think Brent put it best when he said “I’m proud that I’m chasing something. Its all in all better, than being broke, bored and back at home”. At least we are trying, we aren’t settling. I think thats really beautiful, and something to hold on to. This strong hopeful message paired with Brent’s melodic voice provide a exceptional listening experience.

2: “Nights” – Frank Ocean

I love Frank’s acknowledgement of his past, and the events that have led him to his current state. He has a way of transporting the listener into the art, making them feel as though they are right there beside him, living it with him. This song goes through the details of his last relationship, relocating to Houston after Hurricane Katrina, the whole song is meant to acknowledge the rough “nights” that have brought him here. When I hear this song, I know there’s a silver lining. Rough nights, tough times, turn into something beautiful, I mean look at this song and the rest of Frank’s discography.

3: “Pretty Little Fears” – 6LACK ft. J Cole

To me, this is a beautiful example of the changing culture within urban music through the embracement of vulnerability. Both artists completely bare their souls on this track, this is a practice that has deeply inspired my own music. The acknowledgement of love, and complex emotions associated with love is important, especially by two respected artists in the hip-hop community. There are so many lyrics that I can personally relate to, and I’m sure many others can as well.

4: “Heaven&safety” – Angelique

What would late nights be without something a little sexy, a little flirty, and self reflective? “Heaven&safety” is a memoir of me falling in love, embracing my womanhood, and accepting where my reservations in love come from. Its a pivotal point in me becoming a woman. Fuelled by jazzy riffs, and sensual drums. I want those who listen to feel deserving of unconditional love.

5: “20 Something” -SZA

20 something by SZA, this song… I am completely transported every single time I listen to this song. It’s been said by critics that SZA was able to capture the sentiment of every young woman at one point or another while making this album. This song to me is just so real, the simplicity of the music; a haunting guitar chord progression with picturesque lyrics depicting what it feels like during this confusing time. Just beautiful. You’ll notice that a lot of these songs make you think a little deeper. Upon first listen they appear to be more melancholy, while in reality are messages of hope.

6: “We” – Mac Miller ft. CeeLo Green

I think I’ll love Mac forever, he is definitely in my top five all time favourite artists. When you listen to him, you can hear the love of music and writing. There’s passion there. He’s such a talented lyricist too; something I strive to be. This song in particular, it sounds written as a conversation where the other persons responses are up to the listeners intuition. For me, you can hear the love he has for whoever he is talking to. He pulls you in with the smooth soulful music, paired alongside CeeLo Green’s gorgeous voice. This song puts you in a total trance.

7: “Wandering Romance” – Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith is another talented lyricist, she explores some of the more challenging subject matter. I hear unrequited love, and almost a slight obsession coming from her here. I think these feelings are often shoved under the rug; although many can probably agree that they’ve experienced them, themselves. Its a self reflective song, paired with more melancholic music, haunting guitar, and sly synths scattered throughout. Its a complex masterpiece, all summed up in another soul-baring chorus.

8: “Bet” – Mereba

This is another really vulnerable track. As you can see, I love music that acts as a window to the soul. It’s almost as if Mereba has painted a complete picture with her carefully selected words and imagery. It’s a very calm song, exploring the contrasting views society has placed on a man she is falling for, and how she see’s him from her own eyes. Her vocal style merges an almost folky tone with urban music, and mellow rap bars. It just works so well, creating a magical audio experience.

9: “Nico’s Red Truck” – Dijon

Nostalgia, pure nostalgia is what this song is. I feel like this song was written about my childhood, growing up in a small eastern Ontario town. The imagery transports me to my younger self, where things felt more simple. He references his own recollection of youth in the song quite often. Theres a subtle warmth to this song as well, almost like pure happiness and thankfulness of a wonderful life thus far.

10: “Faithful” – Common

This song is a great reflection on the way the world treats women, using the metaphor of a religious devotion. Women are often vilified for other actions, be it someone else’s jealousy, uncertainty, people taking offence over a woman confidence. Sometimes these sentiments lead to actions that can harm women. Common is asking why? All while explaining why we shouldn’t vilify our women in lieu of someone else fragile ego. I like to think this message can now be interpreted even further to encompass more than just women, but everyone. Simply put; Live and let live.


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