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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Norman’s New Video for “The World And You”

By: Staff –

Portland indie outfit, Norman are fresh off the release of their new LP, Buzz and Fade, and are back with a new video for album cut “The World And You”. Watch it below.

Norman questions the usefulness of memory on their fourth studio album, Buzz and Fade. The new release of 10 original songs are carried by a renewed energy, and features the sweeping synthesizers and anthemic guitars that have defined Norman for over a decade shine through on these energetic songs, and the band characteristically hints at different eras of rock and different eras of their own musical past while taking them in a new direction entirely.

That direction feeds directly into Norman’s methodical dismantling of nostalgia as a useful way of seeing the present. Buzz and Fade encounters memory again and again, each time choosing to see the ways memories fail to represent reality, the ways change is better than stagnation, the ways reinvention is an improvement on maintenance of old habits and old feelings. In today’s world, it’s hard not to long for change when nostalgia for the past is so closely related to the pain of the less fortunate.

The result is a collection of songs that form a sincere, biting assessment of personal nostalgia gone sour. Buzz and Fade confronts the idea that the world need to look fondly on the past. The future is change.


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