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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Maria Shockey’s New Video for “Know It All”

By: Staff –

Nashville-based songstress Maria Shockey is back with a new video for her track “Know It All”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Story-driven and vulnerable, Shockey’s vocals shine through this confessional of a single. Shaped by the words that she didn’t get to say at the end of a broken relationship, the single recounts the night of where it all went wrong and the aftermath that followed. The red car, the October time-stamp, staying up all night crying to her best friend, it’s all there bare for us to experience all over again with her.

Rising out of Nashville’s growing pop scene, Shockey is the empowered songstress guaranteed to be your favorite new artist. The young D.C. native brings emotional honesty and depth to her lyricism, while weaving together with melodic and rhythmic ingenuity to deliver hit after hit. Shockey boasts a rapidly growing fanbase after two successful summer releases in 2019 that are already raking in tens of thousands of streams.

We may be initially be drawn to this pop princess’ catchy, intelligent hooks, but it’s her authenticity and relatability that keeps us listening to her on repeat.


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