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Exclusive Premiere: Stream ELSY’s New Single “Love Is Chaos”

By: Staff –

Emerging Toronto-based artist ELSY is back with new single “Love Is Chaos”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Love Is Chaos” is all about finding love after a heartbreak. After settling into the single life and learning to love herself, ELSY met a certain someone who inspired this song. It seemed ill-timed as she was finally in a place where being alone was no longer scary, in fact, it was exciting and fulfilling! Meeting this person meant tapping back into the pain and stress that ELSY associated with relationships. Love is greater than the lovers, and ELSY had to learn how to love and be loved again, but this time with more patience and more kindness. “Love Is Chaos” is a snapshot of the feelings that come with a new relationship after having failed at so many before.

ELSY creates music that is driven by powerful and expressive vocals and supported by a blend of modern pop and vintage soul arrangements, which draws the listener into her personal and heartfelt lyrics. Influenced by the likes of iconic greats Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder to the pop and R&B styles of Adele and Daniel Caesar, ELSY stepped out on her own in Spring 2019, making her solo debut with the single “Open Sea”.

Her debut, self-titled album will be released one single at a time throughout the rest of 2020.


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