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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Stereodove’s New Video for “Madonna”

By: Staff –

California-based pop band Stereodove is back with a new video for their new single “Madonna”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Stereodove, a group of misfits diverse in musical background, race, and gender write songs from a place of “otherness” and melancholy, often blending the colorful melodies of pop and electronic music with the raw spirit of indie and emo rock.

“Madonna” is an alternative pop song with an emo-rock edge, featuring intimate and soaring vocals, danceable beats, and vivid synth arrangements. As a personal reflection on social isolation and loss, the song’s lyrics seem to be more and more relevant as we enter 2020, as youth culture is increasingly more involved with social media and the instant gratification of digital entertainment.

To express the spirit of the song, the semi-abstract video for “Madonna”, directed by Ian Matthews, takes place in a seemingly dystopian, futuristic society. Here, social media and life is performative in a literal sense. The story follows a dancer performing an extensive dance routine on a futuristic social media network. Though she is initially well received by her audience, she makes a misstep, for which she is abhorred. Frustrated, she throws her chair at the screen, destroying it. The video ends with a shot of a new viewer, watching the dancer; it is suggested that it is now their “turn”

The video is largely a comment on the negative effects of social media in modern day America: isolation, progressively shorter attention spans, and the dehumanization of individuals as vessels of entertainment.


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