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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Jamie Lindsay’s New Single “Simple Life”

By: Staff –

Emerging Sydney-based country music artist Jamie Lindsay is back with his new single “Simple Life”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

With a catchy vocal melody, Lindsay showcases a tour-de-force talent by steering away from the traditional production-heavy releases of today and allowing his vocals to be at the forefront.

Expertly inter-playing Lindsay’s vocal prowess along with an a cappella laden harmony, this little gem will have you singing along to Jamie’s big vocals, big harmonies, infectious foots stomps and claps; wishing we were all living the simple life away from the big city.

Born on the apple isle (Tasmania) in 1977, Lindsay is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, performer and music producer who has been living and working in Sydney since 2001. At the age of nine, Lindsay picked up the guitar and began writing songs throughout his early teens and releasing his first EP at the age of 18.

Fundamentally known as a country artist, but throughout his music career, Lindsay has been involved in various other projects in multiple genres, such as pop, blues and hard rock. And in 2020, Lindsay returns to his country music roots with the upcoming release of his new album.


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