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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Tunnel’s New Single “Walking the Vine”

By: Staff –

Montreal-based prog rock duo Tunnel are back with their new single “Walking the Vine”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“The musical inspiration for “Walking The Vine” came almost by accident one day as Kevin was messing around with his synth at the studio,” said the band. “The synth loop at the beginning of the song was triggered by accident and he began drumming on top of it… and the vibe of the song was born. We didn’t even know that there were going to be vocals on this song in the beginning. As the song took shape, it became more obvious that a voice was needed. Kevin wrote some lyrics and gave it a go and we decided to stick with it. It’s now our first single and Kevin’s singing debut and we’re really proud of it. The song was written and produced mostly by Kevin. Francois added some elements into the production process towards the end when they were recording together at Salon 58. The song was recorded in 2 separate sessions, first in Montreal and then at the Salon 58 (cottage that they converted to a studio). Most of the song was already completed at that point, but Francois coached Kevin through his drum parts and then Kevin coached Francois through the guitars.”

Tunnel was born after a last minute improvised show in the summer of 2013 between guitarist François Jalbert and drummer Kevin Warren. The duo began recording ideas until heading into Montreal’s Breakglass studio a year later to produce their debut EP “Don’t Go Straight”. Francois and Kevin are mostly known for their work in the Montreal jazz scene, but Tunnel sees the duo drawing inspiration from artists such as Pink Floyd, Boards of Canada, Thom Yorke, and Cinematic Orchestra in their music. Not to mention a little rock touch…which comes most likely from Kevin’s teenage punk-rock days. In the past 2 years, the duo has been working steadily on new songs which have culminated into their first full-length album, entitled “Out For A While” set for release April 10th. They recorded the album themselves in a remote cottage in the Gaspésie region of Quebec. The album features a string of local Montreal musicians including bassist France Basilic (Valaire, Qualité Motel), jazz trumpet player Lex French, beautiful string arrangements by Mélanie Bélair (Patrick Watson), as well as vocalists Caroline D’été, Lisa Iwanycki (Blood and Glass) and Erika Angell (Thus Owls). This album is a solid documentation of the duo’s growth and expansion into more song-form compositions, without losing sight of an experimental approach, and features Kevin as a vocalist on “River”, “Save You”, and the debut single “Walking The Vine”.


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