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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Mark Garai’s New Single “Incendiary”

By: Staff –

Sydney, Australia-based Mark Garai is back with his new single “Incendiary”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Steeped in art-house voodoo, Garai conjures a deep vibe with his single “Incendiary”, a revisionist rock delight that presents seductive opportunities and dares you to dance with madness.

With all the instrumentation and tape hiss of a late sixties Laurel Canyon hit, “Incendiary” is a marriage of peripheral thoughts, a smooth keyboard and one wicked bass tone. Taking cues from heavyweight artists such as Lana Del Rey, The Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Beatles, Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys, a set of profound musical realisations were had.

‘The song explores a set of ideas surrounding fate, synchronicity and tragedy,” said Garai. “The chorus line “Don’t you know? The deeper the dark, the brighter the light” reflects on the nature of each action having an equal and opposite reaction, each involuntary encounter with chaos that appears potentially being an unbearably painful moment and simultaneously an opportunity for learning and growth.”

After a prolonged period of chronic illness and personal turbulence, Garai turned his attention away from simply churning out tunes to the art of making records.

Becoming infatuated and obsessed with composition, arrangement and tonal aesthetic, as much resourceas possible was given to the pursuit of understanding the components of compelling music. Simultaneously, Garai found himself drawn more and more to the consolations and enlightenments of cinema, philosophy and ascetic mysticism as a counterpoint to personal tragedy and trauma. The meeting of these two paths resulted in a set of recordings where Garai composed, arranged, performed and produced every parthimself, paying close attention to each and every detail. With the help of Luke Mullan, recording/mix engineer and co-producer, the first of what seems to be an endless stream of material was born, with plans tocontinue the process as often as is possible.

Having previous experiences that encourage him to remain open, Garai is no interloper to contemporary rock, “Incendiary” is the devil’s advocate of circumstance. Do you have the experience and boldness of character to contend like Garai?


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