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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Corbin Randall’s New Single “In My Sails”

By: Staff –

Emerging singer-songwriter Corbin Randall is back with his new single “In My Sails”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Currents sway and the tide is high,” said Randall. “In the waves of life, I find beauty in the rhythms’ groove. Despite the storm, I rest knowing- at the right time, I’ll be freed by the wind. I composed, wrote, played and recorded everything – Drums, Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Shaker, Tambourine, Vocoder, and vocals. Background vocals by Luke Cheng, Isaac Pajo, Brandi Birdsong, Lisa Cohen, Charlie Welikala, Marc Gerbrant, Lauryn Estrada, Phil Estrada, and Taryn Randall.”

Randall is a breath of fresh air in the world of music. His new single, “In My Sails,” which drops digitally tomorrow, April 17, is a charming and intricate first listen from the artist.

Randall creates a sound and vision that is both genuine and multi-dimensional. His sound brings a bit of 60s nostalgia to the mix, all with a modern twist that will have you head over heels. His arrangements, especially on “In My Sails,” are dreamy from start to finish. In the song you can hear his Pop influences and Indie sensibilities that reflect on real, introspective topics and story lines. His music reflects reality as his songs take you on a journey; and a true labor of love at that.

Randall’s musical roots are also planted deep. Seeing musicianship in his family from his great-grandparents, to grandparents, and his parents as well, this has influenced him to approach music with a deep reverence and purpose. Making music feels like the purest reflection of his soul, and when he’s creating, he feels like he’s finally grasping that deep beautiful mystery of music that he dreamed of for all those years when he was younger. The sounds that were such a fountain of joy and wonder, are now something he’s a part of, rather than just experiencing. “In My Sails,” is officially out tomorrow April 17; we’re excited to share the first listen with you, today.


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