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Watch Reuben And The Dark’s New Video for “Dancer”

By: Staff –

Reuben and the Dark shares a new video today for “Dancer” from their spirited album un | love, out now on Arts & Crafts. The stunning new visual, created with Sheva Kafai and edited by Kaelen Ohm, captures varying landscapes between desert and snowstorm forests, spliced with contrasting fragments of the past and present. One moment Reuben is performing for a room full of fans, the next he’s alone, the sole traveler across the vast, panoramic desert. It’s a cyclical anecdote that feels very ‘of the moment,’ in a time where the world has been taken out of the habitual everyday and put into an isolated state and self-reflective place

Frontman Reuben Bullock explains: “The concept behind this video is simple. It chronicles journey and reflection. Through time and experience. The past is a hard thing to balance in the present sometimes. Memory’s ghost holds such weight and significance. When time feels non-linear. Where emotions we carry in our hearts are from events that have yet to come to pass… it’s easy to forget where we are sometimes. This music video personifies experience. Pain is a road worn companion. Letting go is found in remembering. And dreams… dreams are really all we have anyway.”

“Dancer” is the culmination of a lot of feelings for Reuben, compressed into a brief time capsule. Upon the track’s initial release, Bullock shared, “It is vulnerability’s lullaby. It is honest. It is soft. It is empathy and also an apology. An attempt at shining a light into a very dark place.”


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