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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Kele Fleming’s New Video for “Compassion Machine”

By: Staff –

Emerging Vancouver-based artist Kele Fleming is back with a new video for her track “Compassion Machine”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Compassion Machine” is the 2nd single to be released from Kele Fleming’s 4th solo album The Song I’ll Write For My Whole Life (out in October 2020).  Kele wrote “Compassion Machine” using language that describes how we connect to our technology of choice and the ways in which we attempt to connect with ourselves.

“Compassion Machine” is a series of metaphors, and an anthem, for how we seek connection through technology, and, at the same time, what that technology does to us as we seek connection through it,” says Kele. “Each one of us has a compassion machine. It may take many forms – a religion or faith, a cell phone, a video game, a bottle of wine, a show to binge-watch on Netflix. The compassion machine is a salve to the day-to-day grind and helps numb out the pain of disconnection in the modern age.”

“Compassion Machine” will be available on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers on May 22nd. For more information, please visit: tinforest.com

Kele (pronounced Kelly) Fleming is based in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, BC. She was born in Trenton, ON and grew up in small military towns in Ontario, Nova Scotia and on Vancouver Island. She relocated to Vancouver to go to University in the 90s where she fronted indie pop group hazel motes. The environment, modern dislocation, coming of age as a queer person and the lives of women, are common themes in her music.  

Kele delivers a mesmerizing live show marked by her voice, a majestic instrument of seemingly-limitless force and dexterity that shifts from choir girl naiveté to rock and roll edge. She has a loyal following among indie, folk-rock and pop listeners. Whether it’s delivering a solo acoustic set or playing with her band, Kele’s warm stage persona and gift for storytelling deliver an experience that’s not soon forgotten. Kele has just finished her fourth solo album The Song I’ll Write for My Whole Life  with Juno recognized engineer Sheldon Zaharko. The album is due for release in October 2020.


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