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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Laura Gagné’s Soul-Lifting New Single “I Love You Friend”

By: Staff –

Emerging singer-songwriter Laura Gagné is back with her new soul-lifting single “I Love You Friend”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

With a unique softness vocal-tone, singer-songwriter Gagné brings a new, authentic, and refreshing breath to music today. Blending neo-soul with pop, jazz, and acoustic singer-songwriter elements, Gagné creates music that holds true to the notion that love does exists for everyone. That every person is worthy to have love, no matter where they are from, what they did, or who they are. Elegantly whimsical lyrics, but also with a deep, spiritual, and modern reflection,Gagné’s artistry is hard to pinpoint in one specific genre. Taking so many kinds of sounds and styles, Laura weaves together a narrative and production that takes shape and form to deliver a masterful story that immediately permeates the very hear and soul of the listener.

“I Love You Friend” is a love-letter of saying goodbye to a complicated relationship. A relationship, turning into a friendship, that then revolved back to a love story; and now coming back to a friendship of many years. Cyclical and confusing; where sometimes, it was just the timing of things that was the biggest enemy to the relationship. Gagné expertly crafts into song the realization that no one was at fault and finding the forgiveness and deep love to whatever kind of love it was. There’s beauty surrounding all aspects of the relationship, even in the pain and that “there’s something here, much stronger than all the pain.”


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