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Exclusive: Stream Cinzia & The Eclipse’s New Curated Spotify Playlist!

By: Staff 

To celebrate the release of Cinzia & The Eclipse’s new single new single, “Don’t Call Me Up”, the emerging artist curated a new Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

Through self-discovery with music, Cinzia & The Eclipse’s serene melodies and relatable lyrics have created an honest bond between her and her listeners. It was only after a flawed attempt at writing for other people that Cinzia decided to take the plunge and be both the artist and writer.

“This Is How I Let You Down” – The Franklin Electric

I live for songwriters who can break my heart in less than 30 seconds and The Franklin Electric does exactly that every time. I think I was finishing college when I heard this song and the first few chords locked me in straight away.The fact that he’s a Montreal artist is just a huge plus.

“Lost Without You” – Freya Ridings

Freya Ridings is an artist I was drawn to straight away because her voice is so unique. I tend to latch on to female artists with weird voices because it kind of feels like home to me. It’s nice to be able to look at women in music and have that “Oh you’re like me” feeling. She’s one of the singers who inspired the melody for the line “Don’t call me up If you’re not in love with me anymore”

“Power Over Me” – Dermot Kennedy

Lucas (producer) and I really wanted “Don’t Call Me Up” to have a different stance than the songs I released before. We really wanted a big, grandiose vibe that takes up space and is unapologetic. “Power Over Me” was the perfect inspiration for that. It’s grand and makes you listen.

“That Sound” Sam Fender

The past few years Sam Fender has easily become the songwriter that sits at the top of my list. He’s writing about real issues that actually make you sit and think while making it sound cool and bad ass. I feel like he’s an artist who’ll change the world by accident. He’s definitely someone I would want to have a beer and write with.

“Jump (Acoustic)” – Julia Michaels 

Julia Michaels is honestly one of the best songwriters of our generation, I can’t get over it. Every time I hear her songs I think one of two things “Damn that’s exactly what I’m feeling/want to say” or “Damn I wish I wrote that!” She’s incredible and crazy diverse which makes it really easy to go to her when I’m looking to feel inspired. I chose “Jump” because it has this vulnerable, raw vibe to it and lyrically really helped me build the idea of “Don’t Call Me Up”. When I heard it I thought it carried the same idea of knowing you need to walk away from a situation the same way “Don’t Call Me Up” says to.

“Hourglass” – Catfish and The Bottlemen

So “Don’t Call Me Up”  was originally inspired by a relationship that I decided to end at first and then clearly I regretted that. Catfish and the Bottlemen’s “Hourglass” was the song I’d have on repeat in the car and legit just ball my eyes out. “I’m so impatient when you’re not mine” was the line that would kill me. I eventually scratch the hell out of the CD (yes CD I’m old school like that) and decided to take it as a sign to stop being an emotional masochist at least for a little while.

“Fluorescent Adolescent” – Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys was a first band that really made me pay attention to lyrics when I was a little pre-teen. Alex Turner’s writing was weird to me and the british slang he’d use always drew me in deeper. They were the band that made me realize you can write or sing whatever you want if it’s paired up with a killer melody.

“Bruises” – Lewis Capaldi 

Lewis Capaldi is again one of this voices that holds a certain power and vulnerability that I always catch myself thinking “man how does he do that”. I also think I’m just have a thing for artists who seem to have double personalities. Lewis Capaldi seems super emotional in his songs but if you’ve watched his interviews or he just seems like the class clown in your high school.

“I’m Not Calling You a Liar” – Florence & The Machine 

Florence & The Machine is always so intriguing to me. Florence in particular is super dreamy and flows like an enchanted witch but also has this “no one can fuck with me” presence but it’s not direct. That vibe is in the lyrics and the drum rhythm of their songs but it’s twisted into a delicate airy voice and that blend is just everything to me. She’s a really big inspiration for me for sure.

“When We Were Young” – Adele

I was never really an Adele fan until 25 came out.  I guess it’s because I never really had my heartbroken before 25. “When We Were Young” is a song where I can relate to every single line line for line. It scared me and made me fall in love with her all at once.

“Then” – Anne-Marie

I really liked the production to this song. The what I would call random sounds, in the background, gives the song a push that keeps you hanging and that definitely influenced the production of “Don’t Call Me Up”. I really count on Lucas to understand my strange explanations when it comes to production and he’s been nailing it since day one for me!


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