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Watch Jane’s Party’s New Stop-Motion Video for “Change Her Mind”

By: Staff –

Toronto pop-rock quartet Jane’s Party have released a new stop-motion video for “Change Her Mind”. Produced by Carlin Nicholson and Mike O’Brien of Zeus – with Francesca Carbonneau and Nashlyn Lloyd from Vancouver dream-rock band FRANKIIE singing back-up – the infectious tune featuring an impossible not-to-sing-along-with chorus.

Says the band about the track, “Being in a long-term relationship in your mid 20s, the thought of breaking up and starting over can sometimes be the backdrop to every argument. This song is about working through a relationship over holding on to past ones, or holding out for something better.” 

The video, painstakingly created by band member Tom Ionescu, features 90% of all the elements animated frame by frame, and the end result of the time-consuming endeavour paid off. 

“The last time I animated a music video it was 2009’s “No Good For Me”, Jane’s Party’s first actual single. We were still students at York University and I was using “Flash”, which I learned in my high school video class just a few years before,” explains Ionescu. “The process was back breaking; working weeks on end on my parents’ family computer which would periodically crash as the video reached completion. After that experience I promised myself I’d never do anything like that again.” 

“The “Change Her Mind” video was initially planned to be a full video shoot, but the COVID-19 quarantine forced us to rethink that idea and create something literally “in-house”,” continues Tom. “In high school I had a sketchbook that I’d always doodle in during class, mostly full of song lyrics, sketches, shapes and colours. For a song about young love I thought I could bring that sketchbook to life. The video is an animated collage of photoshoot and video outtakes we’ve never used, rotoscoped animations, pencil sketches, letter cutouts and 80’s and 90’s memorabilia, all against Memphis style backdrops and crumpled paper textures. Once the direction was solidified, it became a technical experiment in bridging my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro to create something unique-looking.”

Jane’s Party is currently at work with Zeus—who served as a big inspiration for the band coming up as musicians—on their next album, R & R, foiling the pop-heavy production of 2019’s Casual Island, with a raw, “back-to-the-garage” approach that captures the essence of their notoriously tight tour-de-force of a live show. Ionescu explains, “Change Her Mind takes me back to watching That ‘70s Show, which I think served as the introduction to Big Star for a lot of people. Our impetus for recording this new collection of songs is to return to our roots as a live rock band, and explore the stripped-down rock production of the ‘60s and ‘70s that initially inspired the writing of these songs. We changed our pre-production approach altogether from our last album by developing the songs first in the rehearsal room before touching any recording equipment.” 


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