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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Courtney Jacobs’ Debut Single “Canary”

By: Staff –

Emerging synthpop singer-songwriter Courtney Jacobs has released her debut single “Canary”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Jacobs is a 21-year old synthpop singer-songwriter with dreamy vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. She insists that there are at least two sides to every story and every song; avoiding “poor me” songs about heartbreak, she focuses on the complex, uncomfortable space between victim and perpetrator.

This space is deeply explored on her debut single, “Canary,” which will be available on July 1st. “Canary” describes a disturbing power dynamic in a relationship marred by control and trust issues. As she sings condescendingly at the listener, it’s hard to ignore that she is the “bad guy” in this scenario. The lyrics are complemented by Jacobs’ sultry tone and the full, pulsating synths surrounding and closing in on the listener. Produced by Peter Wellman, “Canary” drives forward with its infectious bassline and powerful drums, creating an aura of intimacy which enhances the teasing nature of the track.

Jacobs plans to release several more singles this year, and her release of “Canary” follows the Valley Days EP with her band, Silver Retriever, of which she is the lead singer. 

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