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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Bretton Lee’s New Single “Rock Show”

By: Staff –

Emerging singer-songwriter Bretton Lee is back with his latest single “Rock Show”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

““Rock Show” is the song that plays as credits roll on their summer romance movie,” said Lee. “One of those made-for-Netflix teen romances where the unlikely nerd finds the person who gets their references to fringy movies, and they end up being Kristen Stewart.  

“I was at the prolific Broken City bar in Calgary hiding a cigarette from my now-ex girlfriend and talking to scenesters about indie movies,” Lee continued. “I thought about a rom-com style encounter, asking for a lighter outside of a show from someone who wanted to talk about movies.”

Connecting to the words of artists like Dallas Green, Dan Mangan and Elliott Smith helped Bretton Lee understand that he wasn’t the strange and oversensitive kid that his rural Albertan upbringing made him feel like he was. Lee’s dream is to be able to sing something that does the same for someone else.

“Rock Show,” is an effort to manifest something you wish would happen. It’s the kind of song that plays as credits roll on a summer romance movie. Listen to it while you hang out with your cat, your best friend or a new love and feel all warm and fuzzy.

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