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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Windows’ Two New Singles “Send It (Side A)” and “Up All Night (Side B)”

By: Staff –

Windows. (Photo: Thomas Line)

Emerging artist Windows is back with two new single, “Send It (Side A)” and “Up All Night (Side B)”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Windows had intended to release their debut album in spring of 2020 but in light of covid-19 and the black lives matter movement, they decided to instead remotely write, record, and self-release two singles, “Send It (Side A)” and “Up All Night (Side B)” The tracks were mixed and mastered at Lolipop Records by Ignacio Gonzales. In addition, the band had fellow musician Willow J. Flores from the Spanish band The Parrots, design the matching artwork. Upon the July 2nd release of the new singles, the band will donate all proceeds to the Los Angeles chapter of Black Live Matter via their bandcamp sales. The band also plans to release a limited press, small batch of double sided 45’s later this summer.

“It’s not an easy time to be alive, the world is pretty broken and there is no end in sight, we hope these tunes can lift some of that weight off people’s shoulders and provide a moment of solace,” said Windows. “It was a hard choice to postpone the release of the full length album, which we had been working on for about a year, but we ultimately didn’t feel right about putting it out there when there was so much chaos and pain happening in the foreground. It was a welcome challenge to create something meaningful with our friends while in quarantine. “Sending” takes and mixes back and forth, trying to get the right sound with the limited tools we had in our homes. It truly was an isolation collaboration.” 

Windows was founded in 2018 by Matteo Arias (Mystic Braves/Golden Animals) and Spencer Alarcon, joined later by Australian bassist Sam Wotherspoon. Windows’ sound consists of old California country, classic surf rock, and West Coast psychedelia. In February of 2019 the band released their first single “The Ballad Of Whiskey Pete”. Later that year, the band added Mystic Braves front-man Julian Ducatenzeiler and producer Ian Doer to the lineup. Windows has already shared stages with the likes of Levitation Room, The Pesos, and the Cosmonauts, and plans to debut their full length LP later this year. 


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