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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Josey Greenwell’s New Single “Bottle Rocket”

By: Staff –

Emerging NYC-based queer pop artist Josey Greenwell is back with his new single “Bottle Rocket”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“I wrote this track on an airplane in my head. It’s funny because I kept getting up to go to the bathroom so I could record voice notes so I wouldn’t forget the melody (sorry to my flight neighbors!). This song is about trying to figure out what it takes to get the person you’re in love with to realize it,” shares Greenwell. 

Greenwell has been making music for a long time – he grew up in Kentucky, and his passion for music led him down to Nashville where he decided to pursue his career as a country artist. After years of honky-tonks and unfulfilled dreams, as well as some internal struggles with his sexuality, he decided to put music on pause and move up to NYC to pursue a career in fitness. 

Now, as one of the city’s most prominent fitness instructors, his love for music and songwriting prevails as he steps back into the music industry. Later this year, Greenwell will be releasing his first full-length album in over a decade – City Games. Check out some recent singles “102” and “Fire Eyes” off of the forthcoming album. 


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