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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Ceesar’s Debut EP “Hustle & Passion”

By: Staff –

Ottawa-based R&B pop artist Ceesar, is set to release his debut EP Hustle & Passion on August 14th, but you can stream early exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Produced by Lynx and Ceesar himself, Hustle & Passion embodies Ceesar’s unique approach to music with a low-key fusion of R&B, pop, and hip hop as he sets off on a mission to create music that will make people smile. Characterized by trancelike vocals and a foundation of deep grooves and sparse, atmospheric synths, tracks like lead single, “Day 2 Day” will have listeners feeling looser and more relaxed immediately.

Ceesar is a newcomer to the music scene with a unique perspective and determined work ethic. Previous singles such as “Day 2 Day” and “About You” have gained exposure and support from fans around the world, racking up streams on Spotify and over 200,000 views on his YouTube video for “About You.” His unique voice and soulful lyrics position him as a unique emerging artist to watch out for. Armed with a memorable mix of music, Ceesar’s debut EP ensures you’ll remember his name.


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