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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Kate Boothman’s New Single “My Next Mistake”

By: Staff –

Hailing from The Ganaraska Forest in southern Ontario, horse trainer turned emerging singer/songwriter, Kate Boothman, is back with her new single “My Next Mistake”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“My Next Mistake gathers the reins after a series of stumbles. Forever knowing that you’re bound for glory, but never sure if you’ll get there on time.”

Recorded at producer, Thomas Knox D’Arcy’s, Taurus Recording, in Toronto over two snowy weeks in January 2019, Boothman made what they referred to in the studio as a “massage rock” record. “My Next Mistake is a really relaxing record about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.”

Writing as they went, Kate and Thomas’ life-long friendship enabled them to tuck into their shadows. This provided them with instant fodder for the moody narrative that Kate delivers as part prayer, part animal, and entirely her own.

This sits nicely against the sweeping strings, heavy bass, twangy guitars, organ swells and sometimes thunderous drums that make the trippy washed out folk scape reminiscent of something Lee Hazelwood would have dreamed up with the help of Mazzy Star.

Where her debut, I Am An Animal, relinquishes the reins and honours those parts of ourselves that can sometimes seem insane, My Next Mistake slowly gathers them up again realizing that slow and steady can get you there just the same. But as Kate can be heard pleading in the chorus of the opening track, “Please Don’t Be Late”.

For “My Next Mistake”, Boothman was joined by long time conspirator, Anna Ruddick, as well as Jimmy Bowskill, Adam Hindle, Graham Walsh, Gavin Brown, Kevin Hearn, Carleigh Aikins, and Drew Jurecka.  Together they form a soundscape reminiscent of longing, loneliness and psychedelia.

A fitting ride for a girl who’s tired and stumbling but continues to have her eye on the prize. Love and freedom.


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