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Exclusive Premiere: Watch David Lafleche’s New Video for “We Collided”

By: Staff –

Quebec-based guitarist/musical director/singer-songwriter David Lafleche is back with a new video for “We Collided”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Lafleche, renowned for his work on La Voix (The Voice, Quebec), is set to release his debut album in 2021. 

This modern country track was born in, arguably the greatest music city — Nashville, and the strength shines throughout. Featuring a full studio sound, David’s impeccable vocals are supported by richly textured arrangements of acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, acoustic bass, electric guitar, pedal steel and soft delicate harmonies. “We Collided” showcases the immense quality that is to be expected of Lafleche’s forthcoming debut album.

“We Collided’s music came through me like a lightning bolt,” describes Lafleche. “It felt like an out of body experience.”

While on a trip to Nashville to visit good friend and fellow musician, Fred Eltringham (Sheryl Crow, Kenny Chesney, Vince Gill, Miranda Lambert), Lafleche purchased a 1998 Martin guitar that ultimately changed his musical path. The inspiration that poured out of Lafleche after only a few minutes of strumming on the guitar was unlike anything he had ever felt before. After sharing clips of his creation with partner, and high profile singer-songwriter Marie Mai, lyrics quickly fell into place and thus “We Collided” was born.

“I understand inspiration can come from anything, might it be the time of day, the weather, the person in front of you, or the place you’re traveling to,” said Lafleche. “Being away from home, in a city that erupts with musical energy, made me feel free as a bird and unlocked this creative process. Only then did my music start pouring out of me like an unstopping force of nature. I felt at that moment that this was just the start of many ideas to come.”

Lafleche comes from a family where music reigns. His father, Jacques Lafleche (of Winnipeg), was also a music director, his mother, Helene Levasseur a singer and his aunt, Gisele Mackenzie Lafleche, is a legendary Canadian singer from the 60s and 70s. Music runs through his veins, filling his childhood with sweet memories of happiness.

After his father’s passing, Lafleche felt compelled to pursue a musical career of his own. With early influences of heavy rock music, he studied the electric guitar at the Berklee College of Music’s summer camp, where he met Fred Eltringham. Upon returning home, Lafleche played music around Quebec and slowly expanded his musical taste through an introduction to James Taylor and country music. Lafleche quickly became prominent in the Quebec and Canadian production scene as a musical director, leading him to work with artists such as Vincent Vallières, Jeffrey Piton and Marie-Mai as arranger-producer and scored the Ken Scott movie Starbuck.

While his hard work and dedication and his role as Musical Director for La Voix catapulted Lafleche into the spotlight, he is eager to take on this next chapter of his career as a singer-songwriter with the release of his debut album in 2021.


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