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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Okabe’s New Single “Wait”

By: Staff –

Emerging artist Okabe is back with his new single “Wait”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“The song was inspired by intense feelings of angst,” said Okabe. “Being in love with someone but living across the world from that person. The feelings of confusion, romanticization and bliss and everything in-between powered the emotion throughout the song.Tiz McNamara, a Toronto based artist, produced this song. We recorded it in his studio up on College and it was a wicked experience. Real laid back and chill, we banged the song out in a day and that was that!I hope people can feel some connection to it, I’m sure everyone has felt the sting of love at one point throughout their lives so I hope it can hit home for people. I was trying to capture the emotions of the initial phases of love, the infatuation period, the dopamine rush where this one person feels like a drug and the feelings bleed into your everyday life making it difficult to focus on anything else.This was one of the first songs I wrote as a solo artist right after moving to Australia and it’s probably the one that means the most to me, it’s one of those tunes that just comes together with very little resistance. I found the vocal melodies pretty quick which is a rare feat for me and the guitar hooks just kind of presented themselves.”

Okabe’s musical resume is as colourful as his genre-blending music. His shimmering guitar melodies and gritty vocals have drawn comparisons to the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Alabama Shakes, and Tame Impala.

Okabe’s illustrious body of work includes touring as a support act with the likes of The Offspring, Sam Roberts Band, and The Tea Party with rock based outfit Pigeon Park. After a decade spent toiling through the ranks of dive bars to arenas, the band burst into flames in glorious fashion. After a self-imposed exile around the world spent searching for answers in a post band life, a decision eventually came to diving into a solo project for the first time. Okabe moved across the Pacific and set up shop in Melbourne, Australia to redefine what playing music meant to him. New growth began to take root and with it – a new musical direction. Blending elements of blues, jazz, and alternative pop, he began to find his own unique sound. 

The new single digs deep, brought on by feelings of angst, love for something you cannot have, something that is just out of reach. Building on his body of work as a solo artist “Wait” continues that growth – forging an endless path of musical discovery.



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