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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Jacqueline Loor’s New Song “Just Let Me Breathe (feat. Will Evans)”

By: Staff –

Emerging alt-pop singer-songwriter Jacqueline Loor is back with her new track “Just Let Me Breathe (feat. Will Evans)”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

The track, featuring vocals from Austin based artist and producer Will Evans, once again highlights Loor’s incredible ability to demonstrate her breathtaking emotional vocal range. Written by Loor, and Evans, produced and mixed by Will Evans, and mastered by Nicholas Roberto Di Lorenzo, “Just Let Me Breathe” pairs the voices of Loor and Evans powerfully together, creating a haunting track that explores the desire to forge one’s own path and push through society’s daily demands.

“People feel so much pressure on a daily basis from society, family, and friends to be someone they want them to be, and it is suffocating,” says Loor. “The older I get the more free I have become of all of that, but it’s not easy to be true to who I am when it’s hard to just breathe.  I hope this song empowers people to be who they really are and not fall into the pressures from everyone around them.”


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