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Born Ruffians Announce “Shondi Festoon III” Livestream Event

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Born Ruffians have announced their third annual December holiday show spectacular- Shondi Festoon III on December 11th. Proving that the pandemic can’t cancel the best of holiday traditions – Shondi Festoon will be virtual this year. Tickets are on sale now here for $15. Full details below.

“Shondi Festoon is the world’s oldest holiday yet it is celebrated by only a small number of people. We hope to change that with our yearly Shondi concerts. Onward (and online) to Shondi 3,” said drummer Steve Hamelin.

Shondi Festoon is Born Ruffian’s fun re-imagining of the typical December holiday show. A fictional, non-denominational holiday, Shondi Festoon is accompanied by its own bunch of ridiculous Shondi traditions including drinking hot beer, dressing as your best friend, placing food cans under the Shondi Tree, decorating your house with Shondi flowers, being good so that the Shondi Clown doesn’t come for you!

Over the last three years, Shondi Festoon has quickly built momentum among Born Ruffians’ fans, with the band selling out Danforth Music Hall, Toronto two years in a row and adding an Ottawa sold out show last year. As a result of the pandemic, Shondi Festoon will be online this year for the first time, with the silver lining that fans from the US, UK, and Europe a chance to attend their first Shondi.

Shondi Festoon will wrap what has been a very different but productive 2019 for the band. They created their own label earlier this year, Wavy Haze Records and released their bold ‘n’ brassy LP JUICE in April and six months later they released their seventh LP – the spiky, psych-y SQUEEZE, both forming part of a multi-album continuum that Born Ruffians had been planning well before COVID-19 hit. SQUEEZE and JUICE are out now via Wavy Haze Records in Canada and Yep Roc Records ROW.


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