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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Kordoroy Floyd’s New Track “Prices”

By: Staff –

Vancouver-based hip-hop artist Kordoroy Floyd is back with his new track “Prices”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“With the Kordo GT compilation album on the way, I wanted to drop off one of the new tracks “Prices” which features production Siete, VSN & Noise by Nick. Prices brings that vibe and melody that people have come to expect from me. Imagine paying all your bills and still having enough money to buy the things you want, this song is about that feeling. The feeling that you get when you know you have enough money to handle any problems that may come your way.”

2013 was the year that Floyd got his start in the music world, just like many artists he began on SoundCloud and he released music under his former stage name “Immerze” – but it was in 2018 that he released his self-titled debut album “Kordoroy Floyd” that garnered attention with his slightly different sound, his lyrical ability and his songwriting.

Now, he’s dropping singles from his trio of EP’s (all called KORDO).  The first “KORDO” EP that introduced a new aesthetic to match his fresh sound dropped in January, KORDO 2 dropped in March of this and KORDO 3 dropped in September although the EPs have a combined runtime of only 27 minutes, the tracks extend Floyd’s mission to be known. With more new music on the horizon, this is a musician that can’t be ignored.


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