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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Danny Goo’s New Video for “Bad Company”

By: Staff –

Emerging pop/R&B artist Danny Goo is back with a new video for his track “Bad Company”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“I wrote this song February 2020 in Los Angeles with my writing partner and longtime collaborator JoJo Centineo and our good friend Xxajii (Lil Lotus, Chad Tepper, Drippin So Pretty). I was doing a lot of self-reflecting at the time, and was realizing more clearly my own value and self-worth. 

“My EP tells this story about my past relationship starting basically from the point of it ending and spanning through me getting over her and letting go of what we had so I could be happy on my own again. Sometimes you don’t want to accept that someone isn’t right for you, because it will lead to all the uncomfortable feelings that come with being alone again, and I guess that’s where I was at when I wrote this. I think we all have been there before.

“My lyrics are definitely a little bold so I think it’s important to say that this person isn’t a bad person at all. To be honest, I was just so frustrated, I cared a lot and wanted it to work but knew the reality of the situation was we weren’t a good match, and that I needed to just move on and this meant we both had let go. Finding the right love isn’t easy and I think people are brave for looking for it especially after they lose it. Never let the fear of being vulnerable take away your ability to be yourself.”

“I think people run away from or suppress painful emotions and fears, and I think too much of this can close off a person to their own emotions, the good and the bad ones leaving them isolated. So I really think facing these negative emotions is just as important as enjoying the positive emotions. Hopefully the songs I write can help people to feel again. I know I can’t carry the burden of others but I can give them the gift of true and raw emotion, but maybe my emotional openness can help them to reconnect with themselves emotionally and find that person deep inside of them that they are afraid to explore and let out.”

Goo’s charming vocals blend plainspoken emotional vulnerability with intimate minimalist pop and soothing postmodern R&B. There’s something both otherworldly and immediately relatable about the atmosphere the Dallas, TX native conjures. 

The single comes off of Goo’s forthcoming EP, Feel For You, due out in December 17 via Atoned Music – a six-song confessional detailing the rise and fall of a romantic relationship. Produced by longtime collaborator JoJo Centineo, and featuring Lil Lotus, the EP is a dreamy mishmash of classic pop-rock and neo-soul.


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