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Exclusive Premiere: Stream VAVÁ’s New Song “Wild Thing”

By: Staff –

Emerging Los Angeles-based, Brazilian-American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and composer VAVÁ is back with her new track “Wild Thing”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“”Wild Thing” started by sitting down in the quiet of every morning for about a week and free-writing lyrics without my guitar – something I almost never did,” said VAVÁ. “I ended up with a sort of love song via little scenic letters to a part of myself that I kept hidden out of fear of… gosh, so many things, but primarily sexual shame for being a gay kid. You can come out to so many people in a million different ways it would seem, which I thought I had, but the behaviors of concealing my own desires and passions had become almost pathological, and honestly extended far outside the realm of sex and sexuality. At the time, I didn’t even really understand what I was doing, simply that I had to, but it ended up being the conversational nature of the song that helped to pull it out of me.”

Her 2018 release, “The Other Side” blended guitar-focused, progressive pop and rock music that garnered attention from record labels, led to tours with The Dear Hunter and The Family Crest, and shared stages with such Angeleno music illuminati as Lauren Ruth Ward, Adam Levy, Mason Stoops, Emily Elbert, and Dillan Witherow. As a songwriter, VAVÁ has been finding her voice in the pop idiom in recent success co-writing with The Voice’s Jackie Lipson on her song “Someday”. Similarly, upcoming releases like, “When the Lights Go Out” take a more earnest turn towards pop while incorporating her eclectic influences of Brazilian music, Black American music, and progressive rock. 


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