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Jane’s Party Announce Special Variety Show “The Marshmallow Revue”

By: Staff –

Toronto pop-rock quartet Jane’s Party have announced the premiere of a special variety show titled The Marshmallow Revue on December 16th at 6pm ET. The band invites you into their authentic world, with a little bit of everything to enjoy—music, humour and their true personalities. Filmed at a family cottage in Gravenhurst, ON, in the span of one day and two nights, these 42 minutes exhibit a different angle of the band, offering a deeper insight and more personal connection than listening to their records may allow. With just one camera, a small portable field recorder, and the use of lapel mics, Zach Sutton (drums) shares, “We tried to hide the audio gear as much as possible to allow the scenes to feel organic and earthly. We really wanted to leave the studio in the city and embrace the Muskoka wilderness.” Tom Ionescu (guitar/vocals) and Devon Richardson (bass/vocals) wrote the show in one hour; a general skeleton of the performances, locations with a loose storyline leaving room for improvisation and chance happenings that would capture the band in their natural element.

The soundtrack will also be available on December 16th. Songs From The Marshmallow Revue includes music specifically composed for MMR and taken from the JP music library amassed over the years. Their rendition of “All By Myself” perfectly encapsulates the lonely quarantine months. Tom says, “considering how great of a tune it is, it’s incredibly underplayed. This should be everyone’s quarantine anthem!” Purchase Songs From The Marshmallow Revue HERE.

“At the start of the pandemic, we were asked to record a video performance of a few songs for a concert that was cancelled. We had a lot of fun doing it and it got us thinking of the possibilities of this format. We’re always joking about all kinds of silly things we could do as a band, and a long-form musical variety show like this provided the perfect stage,” Tom shares about the inspiration. “Growing up a fan of shows like Camp Cariboo and The Kids in the Hall, as well as films like The Last Waltz and Spinal Tap all played into coming up with the Marshmallow Revue.”

The scenes that evoke happy memories of summertime, such as making s’mores, building a fire, and boat riding were improvised and came together in the editing process. Cinematographer and Co-Director Julian Peter shares, “For me, some of the funniest moments were unscripted. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the David Attenborough segue, the commercial moments, and Zach lighting the fire. The MMR encapsulates a sense of nostalgia, adventure, brotherhood, and canadiana, in a very intimate, honest, and playful way.” Prepare for laughter, with Devon adding that “Jeff being a ridiculously good water skier was pretty funny. You’re never fully prepared to witness that kind of prowess in person. Julian slipping into my father’s hip waders was so funny, too. And practical! He was able to get up close and personal with us in that canoe.” Julian has been a longtime collaborator, directing JP’s “Coming on Strong” and “You’re The Light” music videos. 


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