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Exclusive Premiere: Stream American Darlings’ New Album “Afterglow”

By: Staff –

New York-based indie band American Darlings is back with their new album, Afterglow, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below

Celebrating American Darlings’ 10 year anniversary, the new album, which drops today (December 18th), was recorded in three studios with three drummers, including Brian Ossip and Daniel Vincent, over the past three years by Tommy Cormier at Greenpoint Recording Collective, Jeff Berner at Studio G Brooklyn and demo tapes at Stanhope Cellar Studio, this more evolved, psychedelic-infused collection is not quite a swan song and not quite a rebirth after a decade of American Darlings. Think of it as the aptly titled, “Afterglow.”

With a new sound that helps to build off their classic releases, their new record is a magical and captivating collection that closes out 2020. On the record the band is truly at their best, as they once again have outdone themselves. Overall the captivating melodies, stand out vocals and intricate instrumentation, bring a vibrant and eclectic sound to life.

Known for their pop hooks, bold melodies and colorful vision, American Darlings are paving their wave for a breakthrough that will certainly see the band becoming a household name in 2021 and beyond.


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